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Singapore | Best Neighbourhoods

Singapore! When I think about Singapore and I get the image of a modern metropolis: towering skyscrapers, world class attractions and, of course, shopping lots of shopping malls. But Singapore is not only about that. You have so many places to explore with its own history, identity and highlights. So I decided to give youContinue Reading “Singapore | Best Neighbourhoods”

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What You Can’t Miss From Beijing

Nǐ hǎo Travelistas, So my last post was about my trip to Tokyo so I think is fair I do one about Beijing. I think Beijing is a city with a lot of cultural sites and temples to visit but you need to know which ones you can’t miss. So here is my list ofContinue Reading “What You Can’t Miss From Beijing”

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First Time in Tokyo

Konnichiwa Travelistas, One of my favorite posts and one that I should have post since loooong time ago but here is my list of places and how to plan your days in Tokyo. Tokyo is an amazing city, it has so many places to visit, eat, drink and everything that you won’t have enough timeContinue Reading “First Time in Tokyo”

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Sri Villas Bentota: Weekend Escape

Sri Lanka, as most of you may know, is an island located in the Indian Ocean with a tropical weather, that for a lizard like me, it’s perfect. I have been “testing” all the beaches and hotels around the island to find the perfect one for me. What I mean with perfect one, close locationContinue Reading “Sri Villas Bentota: Weekend Escape”

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Peace in the Middle of Shanghai

On my last visit to Shanghai I found, in the middle of the caos, one of the most peaceful and beautiful gardens I have ever seen, Yu Garden. What if I tell outside this garden there is a street market with a lot of stalls and of course a tooons of people… it would soundContinue Reading “Peace in the Middle of Shanghai”